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New Projects: 
Frescos Art for the East Altar

We are excited to announce the completion of the new transformational project for our church. 

See below pictures of the Frescos Art of the East Altar at St. Ilija Macedonian Orthodox Church.

 St. Ilija Website Design


The Purpose of the Website


Having a website allows us to convey specific, helpful information to our members so that they can take the full benefits of what our church offers. Our website will provide credibility to our church and our community. We can conduct the business of serving our community better and more quickly and establish a credible presence for those who seek to use our facilities in exchange for revenue.


Our website will help us build relationships; it will also help our members stay connected and informed about events in their lives that otherwise we might miss knowing. We can conduct the business of managing memberships easier and more efficiently. Most importantly, the website is a vehicle for passing on our culture to the next generation; we can teach easier our language, art, history, and our faith to our children and grandchildren. It will help us record and store important events that become part of our history and heritage. These are some of the reasons why this project is so critical. 

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