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Our Story

St. Ilija Macedonian Orthodox Church stands as a beacon of faith in the Greater Cincinnati Area. We are a place of support, spiritual expression, and belonging to all who join us.


Our community is richly diverse, with people of different ages and backgrounds coming together to worship, promulgate wholesome Orthodox values, and celebrate our faith through the Divine Liturgy. We welcome all individuals to experience the spirit of St. Ilija. Our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome God into their heart. 

Specifically, the aims and duties of our church are to:

  • Educate its members in the spirit of the Holy Christianity

  • Uphold and preserve the religious-national traditions of the Macedonian Orthodox Church

  • Promote among its members Christian harmony, mutual love and understanding and elevate them spiritually and support them morally.

  • Develop loyal and good, productive citizens in their country of residence

  • Preserve and uphold the truths of the Holy Orthodox Faith, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, as they are presented in the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Traditions.

  • Maintain regular cultural-educational ties with the institutions and the other organization in the Republic of Macedonia and the other cultural-educational organizations witch are formed, by loyal Macedonian citizens, through our church.

  • Organize seminars for religious-church education, literature classes, seminars about the church and national history of the Macedonian people, the Macedonian language, as well as celebrations of the religious and national holidays of historical significance. Organizes dances, parties, presentations, picnics and sport activities.

  • Provide financial help to its members in case of serious illness or other family misfortunes, for which purpose it forms special funds.

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