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Members' Assembly


The Members' Assembly of St. Ilija Macedonian Orthodox Church is comprised of Regular Church Members who carry significant responsibilities on behalf of the Church and its Members. Every two years, they elect a new Administrative Board, provide strategic direction for the upcoming year and approve the budget. They elect an Audit Committee, Counseling Committee, and Delegate for the Diocesan Assembly, who also becomes a regular member of the Administrative Board. Reviewing and approving the work of the Church Administrative Board is also their responsibility.


They create policies related to membership dues and taxes and hand down resolutions that support the church's functioning. The Members Assembly forms Cultural-Educational, Sports, and Humanitarian programs and, if necessary, considers ideas related to establishing another church in the vicinity of Cincinnati. In collaboration with the Administrative Board and the Spiritual Elder of St. Ilija, the Assembly is responsible for four decades of leadership success on behalf of the St. Ilija Macedonian Orthodox community.

Meet The Members' Assembly

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Blaze Toleski



Kiril Mihajloff



Slave Toleski


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