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Special Services

In the Orthodox Church, there are Special Services which are not usually counted among the major Sacraments. However, they still have a sacramental quality in that they reveal the presence of the Holy Trinity.


Many of these Services,  are very significant to the life of the Church. The various Blessings are brief ceremonies which are occasional and do not necessarily involve directly the entire parish community.



Marriage is a holy sacrament in the Orthodox Church, during which ceremony the marriage is blessed. The crowning of a couple during the wedding ceremony is called a "crowning" or "coronation about wedding crown.


Name Day

Friends Eating Dinner

According to the Orthodox Church, every day of the year is dedicated to the memory of at least one saint. If someone is named after a saint, then there is a big celebration on their name day. Orthodox Christians often replace birthday celebrations with Name Day celebrations. 

Blessing the Water

Water Drops

Blessing of the water is conducted at the home of Orthodox Christians. This symbol is associated with the Baptism of Christ, bringing the blessings of the waters to our homes as a blessing upon our families.

Memorial Service

Memorial Red Rose

The Orthodox Church remembers the departed in the prayers of every Divine Liturgy. There is a Memorial Service to remember the dead, which is offered on the third, ninth, and fortieth day after death and the yearly anniversary of the death. A Memorial Service is always offered for all the faithful departed on four "Saturdays of the souls." 


Baptismal Font

In the Orthodox Church the day of your baptism is one of the most important because it signifies the day that you indeed became an Orthodox Christian. We begin our life as Christian from a very young age. Getting baptized is a requirement for becoming an Orthodox Christian.

Blessing the Home

Vase of Flowers

House Blessings is an annual event that follows the Baptism of Christ, bringing the blessings of the waters to our homes as a blessing upon our families.


Memorial Candle

The death of an Orthodox Christian affects the family and the entire Church, for we are all part of the Body of Christ. Funeral Service brings comfort to those who mourn. This service is also the means through which the Church prays for one of its members who has died in the faith of Christ. 

The Service of Supplication 


The Service of Supplication is offered during sickness, temptation, or discouragement. The various prayers ask God for guidance, personal strength, and healing. Many prayers are directed toward Mary, and they ask for her assistance. We are united in a bond of faith and love in Christ with Mary, the Saints, and the faithful departed.


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